Harvey: Waltzing with the Blood Dazzler

“Hurricane Harvey cannot wash away our hope. ”

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Sharpened Sword

“Seeing that, despite hardships, I make a positive impact on students, that my classroom is a home away from home for them, maybe plays a small part in why they are comfortable continuing on their quest for an education, gives me the inspiration I need to push through to the next year. ”

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Wishful Thinking

“I wish I didn’t even have to wish for this. ”

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Summer Sunset

“Sun sets on summer tonight, but my heart is full, my mind is well-stocked with memories to recall on tough days, and I’m refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated, and ready to re-enter the whirlwind of real life. ”

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Hearth away from Home

“And so, we come back year after year, we take a deep breath, open our storage cabinets, and get to work transforming a jail cell into a home.”

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“As each orbit of the earth around the sun ascends and descends, sun sets on summer.”

Faux Paws

“As with anything, there is a learning curve to making your pet insta-famous. I’m still new to this and learning about the petstagram  faux paws.”

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Lucky Number 7

“Pets are not expendable. I have 7 animals ranging in age from 8 weeks to 9 years old. These animals will have a loving home with me and be well provided for until they are called to the rainbow bridge. I have a unique bond with each, individual animal, and I make time to express my love for each one.”

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“There is a direct correlation between my being forlorn and not writing, and it is because I’m not allowing my thoughts to escape; they’re trapped and stacking, weighting down my fingers.”

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Yin and Yang Personification

“We are completely different in many ways – a personification of yin and yang – even down to her owning black cats while I own white cats – but, at the crux of it all, we are the same, soul-bound sisters.”

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“Words are assigned to whole groups of people, labels that are twisted, villainized, a wildfire of propaganda from both sides that meets in the middle, creating an inferno of insolence, with no minds melding, ears opening, arms embracing – no truth. Somewhere in the midst of it all, diplomacy dies.”

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Spontaneity Spectrum

“Freedom, time together, feeds our marriage, so we aren’t merely orbiting around one another, but constantly colliding.”

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