Written in Ink

“Look, I don’t need a band-aid

I need you to clean up my amputated limb here.”

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7 things I have learned in 2017

“Without change – physically or philosophically, we stagnate. What have I learned in 2017 that will allow me to grow?”

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No empathy? No sympathy.

“I will not set myself on fire to keep others warm.”

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Other People

“Grief. That abstract concept that applies to other people – other, unlucky people.”

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Finding Narnia: A Guide for Adults

“When contrasting my childlike spirit with my adult lack there-of, I’ve realized that adults are too tied to an agenda – that we have forgotten how to make the most of the simple moments in our quest to find the Narnia of experiences. What if Narnia is that quiet night at the hotel with someone you love?”

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Perfectly Imperfect, like my lawn

“I always feel accomplished when we are done, and we laugh as the next band of wind knocks down leaves to take the place of the ones we just raked away. It’s almost metaphorical. Nothing is ever perfect. Everything requires cyclical tending and nurturing. ”

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Sharpened Sword

“Seeing that, despite hardships, I make a positive impact on students, that my classroom is a home away from home for them, maybe plays a small part in why they are comfortable continuing on their quest for an education, gives me the inspiration I need to push through to the next year. ”

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Wishful Thinking

“I wish I didn’t even have to wish for this. ”

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Summer Sunset

“Sun sets on summer tonight, but my heart is full, my mind is well-stocked with memories to recall on tough days, and I’m refreshed, renewed, reinvigorated, and ready to re-enter the whirlwind of real life. ”

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Hearth away from Home

“And so, we come back year after year, we take a deep breath, open our storage cabinets, and get to work transforming a jail cell into a home.”

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“As each orbit of the earth around the sun ascends and descends, sun sets on summer.”