Hearth away from Home

“And so, we come back year after year, we take a deep breath, open our storage cabinets, and get to work transforming a jail cell into a home.”

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“As each orbit of the earth around the sun ascends and descends, sun sets on summer.”

Faux Paws

“As with anything, there is a learning curve to making your pet insta-famous. I’m still new to this and learning about the petstagram  faux paws.”

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Lucky Number 7

“Pets are not expendable. I have 7 animals ranging in age from 8 weeks to 9 years old. These animals will have a loving home with me and be well provided for until they are called to the rainbow bridge. I have a unique bond with each, individual animal, and I make time to express my love for each one.”

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“There is a direct correlation between my being forlorn and not writing, and it is because I’m not allowing my thoughts to escape; they’re trapped and stacking, weighting down my fingers.”

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Yin and Yang Personification

“We are completely different in many ways – a personification of yin and yang – even down to her owning black cats while I own white cats – but, at the crux of it all, we are the same, soul-bound sisters.”

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“Words are assigned to whole groups of people, labels that are twisted, villainized, a wildfire of propaganda from both sides that meets in the middle, creating an inferno of insolence, with no minds melding, ears opening, arms embracing – no truth. Somewhere in the midst of it all, diplomacy dies.”

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Spontaneity Spectrum

“Freedom, time together, feeds our marriage, so we aren’t merely orbiting around one another, but constantly colliding.”

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Digital rEvolution

“Apps, websites, a world of knowledge and cat pictures, an inescapable matrix of information and misinformation. It’s challenging to thrive in this new world without learning how to utilize technology, no matter how curmudgeonly and surly you count yourself.”

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Magical Regression

“It’s a reminder that ideas are power; that the sketch of a mouse can bloom into millions of people flocking each year for a taste of magic; to believe in your own potential and ideals.”

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“I swam out to the sand bar with my husband, nothing but monochromatic shades of blue surrounding us, and we talked about everything and nothing, sandwiched between the ocean and sky.”

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“It’s an unspeakable synergy, what we have found in one another; my husband is the greatest human being I have ever known”

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