“I swam out to the sand bar with my husband, nothing but monochromatic shades of blue surrounding us, and we talked about everything and nothing, sandwiched between the ocean and sky.”

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“It’s an unspeakable synergy, what we have found in one another; my husband is the greatest human being I have ever known”

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The Time Traveler

“In this way, literature is fascinating because it acts as a time machine, providing a glimpse into the collective consciousness of a society in a certain period of time, thoughts preserved in a looking glass for all generations to experience and relate to. ”

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“I am cognizant of the moments that make life memorable, those perfect, polaroid pictures that only happen sporadically throughout a lifetime.”

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The Impostor

“And so I write, and write, and write, severing the head of imposter syndrome and, with each keystroke, feel the fog lifting, thoughts emanating once more.”

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“It is a truly symbiotic relationship to love an animal.”

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Requiem for Responsibility

“When you get the last signature on that end-of-year list, your classroom is bare, and you march out of the door, the heavens open, angels descend, the sweet nectar of the Gods rains from the skies. (wine. I’m talking about wine.)”

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Je ne sais quoi

“Some days, I feel like a tired caterpillar, retreating to my cocoon to decay and transform, emerging from the other side a vibrant butterfly. ”

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Aeroplane Over the Sea

“How many days have I struggled, head in my hands on my desk, fighting tears in my eyes with deep, shallow breaths, that I have called back that memory and calmed myself with that same, serene scene. ”

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Perfect Paradox

“This quote beautifully conveys the paradox that is the INFJ – put together, perfectionist glory, hiding messy entrails.”

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The Vortex

“I don’t want this aspect of who I am swirled into the vortex, spitting me out the other side candy-coated and shining, the perfectly marketed blogger”

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Liminal Space

“Life comes in stages; it ebbs and flows with elation, despair, trepidation, boredom, adventure. There have been a few times where I felt myself in a liminal space.”

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